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Public Information Statement
National Weather Service Denver/Boulder CO
259 AM MST MON FEB 19 2018
...Today in metro Denver weather history...
17-19 In 2006...a cold spell resulted in 4 temperature records.
        Low temperatures of 10 degrees below zero on the 17th...
        13 degrees below zero on the 18th...and 4 degrees below
        zero on the 19th were record minimums for those dates.
        The high temperature of only 7 degrees on the 18th was
        a record low maximum for the date.  Light snow fell on
        the 17th...but totaled less than half an inch at Denver
        International Airport.
18-19 In 1954...a vigorous cold front produced north winds gusting
        to 56 mph and a trace of snowfall at Stapleton Airport on
        the 18th.  Strong and gusty winds to 55 mph persisted
        through the next day and caused some blowing dust.
      In 1955...a storm dumped heavy snow across metro Denver.  At
        Stapleton Airport where north winds sustained to 28 mph
        produced some blowing snow...snowfall totaled 8.8 inches.
18-20 In snowfall totaled 6.9 inches in downtown
        Denver over the 3 days.  Most of the snow fell on the 19th.
        Northeast winds were sustained to 21 mph with a measured
        extreme velocity to 24 mph on the 18th.
      In 1924...light snowfall totaled 4.6 inches over the 3 days.
        This was the only measurable snowfall of the month.  High
        temperatures plunged from 45 degrees on the 18th to 17
        degrees on the 20th.  Low temperatures dipped from 31
        degrees on the 18th to only 8 degrees on the 20th.
        Northeast winds were sustained to 24 mph on the 19th.
      In 1953...a major blizzard dumped 10.6 inches of snowfall at
        Stapleton Airport.  Strong north winds at sustained speeds
        of 25 to 35 mph with gusts as high as 44 mph frequently
        reduced visibilities to 1/4 mile in blowing snow during the
        day of the 19th.  The strong winds caused much drifting
        snow...making accurate snowfall measurements almost
        impossible.  Precipitation from the storm totaled 1.13
        inches.  The 1.01 inches of precipitation on the 19th
        was the greatest calendar day and 24 hour precipitation
        ever recorded in the city during the month of February.
      In 1987...large amounts of new snow fell in the Front Range
        foothills.  The foothills received 10 to 20 inches of new
        snow with 4 to 8 inches on the adjacent plains.  On the
        19th...flight delays occurred at Stapleton International
        Airport where snowfall totaled 4.2 inches and east winds
        gusted to only 18 mph on the 19th.  Schools were closed
        in the foothills above Boulder.
19    In 1899...northwest winds sustained to 42 mph with gusts
        to 45 mph warmed the temperature to a high of 56 degrees...
        the highest reading of the month that year.
      In 1980...high winds were reported in Boulder.  Sustained
        speeds of 50 to 60 mph with gusts to 85 mph were measured.
        West winds gusted to 31 mph at Stapleton International
      In 1986...chinook winds continued to buffet the eastern
        foothills.  Winds gusting from 60 to 75 mph were common
        in the foothills.  West winds gusted to 41 mph at Stapleton
        International Airport.
      In 1996...high winds gusting from 70 to 75 mph were reported
        atop Table Mesa near Boulder.  West winds gusted to 44 mph
        at Denver International Airport.
      In 2007...this was the last day of 61 consecutive days with
        snow cover of 1 inch or more in Denver.  This second
        longest period of snow cover on record began with the
        blizzard on December 20-21...2006...when 20.7 inches of snow
        fell at the site of the former Stapleton International
        Airport where official snow measurements were taken.
        Additional snowfall during December...January...and February
        prolonged the event.  Snow depth on the ground was measured
        to the nearest inch once daily at 6:00 AM MST.
19-20 In heavy snowfall totaled 8.4 inches over
        downtown Denver.  Most of the snow...6.6 inches...fell on the
        20th when north winds were sustained to 16 mph with gusts
        to 18 mph.  The temperature dipped to a low of 9 degrees
        on the 20th.
      In snowfall totaled 5.4 inches in the
        city.  The snow covered streets and highways with a coating
        of ice as the temperature fell from 36 degrees at 2:00 PM on
        the 19th to a low of 4 degrees at 3:00 AM on the 20th.  Many
        motorists were marooned for several hours.  Northeast winds
        were sustained to 24 mph on the 19th.
19-21 In 1971...heavy snowfall totaled 9.0 inches at Stapleton
        International Airport where north winds gusted to only
        16 mph.  Most of the snow occurred on the 19th and 20th.
        The 24 hour snowfall of 8.2 inches was the greatest in
        February since 1953.