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Public Information Statement
National Weather Service Wichita KS
700 AM CDT Tue Mar 20 2018
In 1948, a strong tornado with a track 16 miles long and
one half mile wide struck Tinker Air Force Base in
Oklahoma City.The tornado caused $10.25 million damage
which at the time was an Oklahoma state record for a
tornado.  The twister destroyed 52 aircraft.  Among them
were seventeen C 54 transports, fifteen P 47 fighters and
two B 29 bombers.  Three staff manning the control tower
were injured.  In 1984, a winter storm struck an area
from South Central Kansas to Kansas City.  Snowfalls
ranged from 6 inches to one foot.  Ice was also a major
problem.  The top 76 feet of the K F D I radio tower
buckled under the weight of the ice and a 1400 foot TV
tower near Topeka collapsed.  Around 75 percent of Topeka
lost power.  
In 1875, a deadly outbreak of 18 tornadoes struck the
Southeast United States from Alabama to the Carolinas. 
Hardest hit, by far, was Georgia, where 9 tornadoes
struck, of which 6 were violent, and where 76 of the 94
fatalities occurred.  The deadliest was a vicious F4 that
raced 75 miles from just northwest of Sparta, located in
Northeast Georgia, to just south of Edgefield South
Carolina.  The tornado which reached around a mile wide,
killed 28.  Camak Georgia, located about 40 miles west of
Augusta, was nearly leveled.  A 2nd violent tornado
struck Central Georgia where 13 were killed.  The track
length is unknown, but the equally powerful F4 caused
incredible devastation.