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Weather by State pages allow you to view all active text products issued by the National Weather Service for a particular state. You can optionally filter by Weather Forecast Office (WFO). If you notice any problems with our pages, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Relevant Forecast Offices

Forecast Products

  • Zone Forecast Product
  • Area Forecast Discussion
  • Area Forecast Matricies
    • KGRB
    • KMKX
    • Latest: by KGRB
  • Point Forecast Matrices
  • Tabular State Forecast
    • KMPX
    • KMKX
    • Latest: by KMKX
  • Hazardous Weather Outlook
  • Regional Weather Summary
  • State Forecast
    • KMPX
    • Latest: by KMPX
  • Travelers Forecast
    • KGRB
    • Latest: by KGRB


Watches and Warnings

  • Public Information Statement
    • KARX
    • Latest: by KARX
  • Flood Statement
    • KMPX
    • Latest: by KMPX


  • Hydrological Summary
  • River and Lake Summary
  • River Statement
  • Marine Verification Coded Forecast
    • KGRB
    • Latest: by KGRB
  • Nearshore Marine Forecast
  • Surf Forecast

Fire Weather

Civil Products


  • Recreational Report